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“So, Are You Saying You Are Cured Of Lupus?

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Friday May 18th is ‘strap collectively for Lupus understanding’ day. We all have been asked to ‘Put on the Purple’ showing our support for individuals who experience Lupus. I’ve done some writing over the years and I reveal that with you here. They say it’s an extremely moderate case. Well, maybe so … if you’re not living it.

So what if I’ve a nosebleed everyday during a flare. Just what exactly if my locks comes out in gobs. Oh, not so you can inform, yet. Nonetheless it can be seen by me in the wastebasket. And so what if, yesterday, I could log off the couch barely, as I used to be so exhausted.

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So imagine if my attention is attacked and I am in danger of shedding my view. I’m a professional photographer, a article writer, an designer, and a singer. It is attacking my vocal chords. Just what exactly if my joints ache so badly that it makes me flinch and cry. So what easily understand this weird rash on my face if I’m out in the sun. And so what if crimson bruises appear in various unhurt places on my body for no reason.

It’s simply a slight case… no major organ involvement. My blood, my eye, my epidermis, my joints. My liver might becoming harmful because of the drugs I have to take. I am grateful for the remissions. But I really do feel like shit throughout a flare really. I really do think about other people who have a much worse case than I really do.

I pray for them. I pray for myself, too. But don’t be concerned. It’s not heading to kill me. It’s simply a mild case. For years, I’d suffered from stiff and aching muscles and joints. I’d get a red rash on my hands, face, and upper chest if I was subjected to sunlight for too much time. Each day with one or more crimson bruises I would wake up. They may be small or large and in some interesting spots; most the inside of my forearms and biceps typically, upper inside of my thigh, or the within of my wrists or ankle.

During a flare, I would lose handfuls of locks. I might run a fever of 101-102 degrees Fahrenheit, have bleeding gums, or a continual headaches. The symptoms would come and go at will and differ each and every time. I’d get tiny red and purple marks on my abdomen and the within of my arms. My storage was brief sometimes.