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Too Soon To Tell

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I’m back from the far side of the world. It had been a fabulous trip that not only provided countless photographic opportunities, but actually closed me faraway from any useful information through the week before the election as well as for nearly fourteen days after. Only limited information got through and I appreciated the independence to relax and let my inner Anthropologist emerge with new people, new situations, and an endless vista of new, beautiful surroundings. BTW, without prompting, we were offered opinions from our Tanzanian hosts about our current occupant of the White House. To the present Back. The election over is.

My own state consultant, the not-lamented Julie Parrish, is gone, to be replaced by someone I like and trust more, Rachel Pruzak. That amazed and delighted me. Kate Dark brown has been elected to her OWN term as Governor finally, and the Ds control both Legislative physiques with supermajorities now. That means that they can pass any income bills without support from a single R. Whether this is a good thing or not remains to be seen.

On one hand, worries of draconian anti-PERS legislation has reduced considerably, but that does not mean PERS is out of the Legislative crosshairs entirely. The media, the employers, the Oregon Business Alliance, Nike, yet others continue to agitate for PERS reform, while progressives continue steadily to agitate for income reform, particularly a rise in the Corporate Income Tax. That is going to create a vintage battle in the Legislature as business lobbyists square off against labor lobbyists, education lobbyists, School Boards to balance those conflicting interests.

There is nothing in Kate Brown’s proposed 2019-21 budget that suggests she grasps the magnitude of the problems that the Legislature will have to confront. At first blush, it looks like the Legislature would be easy-peasy. Pass tax raises without R support. Governor signs bill. Legislature distributes income to starving companies. Sine expire. But, and this is a large one that people forget sometimes.

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Whatever the Legislature will can be undone with an effort, referendum, or constitutional amendment. And trust me, those organizations already are beginning to organize, and the Legislature is well-aware of their life. Any tax increase, except maybe on smokes or liquor or cannabis, WILL BE referred to the voters, and the likely final result is beat.

In days gone by, this has acquired some serious implications. The earliest such measure could be on the ballot would be May 2020 or November 2020. That’s more than halfway through another biennium. Thus, any budget increases seen by agencies will go away following the vote shortly, and this will be more havoc-producing than not having the money in the first place.

What all this means would be that the Ds have complete control of the entire legislative and executive branches of STATE, however they shall have to exercise that control with an increase of caution than their progressive followers would like. So, at this juncture following the election, the only thing I can conclude about the 2019 Legislative Session is that “it is too soon to tell” anything. There gained’t be massive PERS reform probably; there also won’t be massive tax increases either. Revenue shall be tight; agencies shall be squeezed, and the various issues in play will probably, yet again, be pushed down the road to 2021 or later.

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