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Will the economy recover? That is something that analyst and retail traders as well have been specualting. There’s been much discussions on the ending of QE in the US and this means that the low interest rate environment will end soon. It also means that the united states federal reserve is predicting that the global overall economy will recover and QE is no longer needed.

To learn about QE, read my previous post: Quantitative Easing – how it affects the economy and the currency markets? Whether the stock market continues to rise or fall depends on the overall economy. If the economy recovers, companies will have higher profits and higher profits the majority of the right time lead to higher stock prices. For the day to come Investors who bought in early anticipating a recovery remain waiting. I’m also betting on an economic recovery.

I’m gradually buying into cyclical shares like shipping and looking at construction companies. Food industries are on my set of investments too that i favour more on companies owning restaurants. What if I’m wrong and the economy doesn’t recover? I think it will be even better if stocks and shares fall lower therefore i can buy them at an even lower value. I do not have all my money in the currency markets now. Still have another tranche ready to deploy if circumstances changes. This post is written while I’m travelling back home on the mrt. Its good that we’ve living in an age where we can access to the internet just about everywhere. Information is always on our finger tips.

This is made possible by mobile network technologies like the 3G and 4G LTE.This was not possible a long time ago. Till then, invest safely and profitably. P.S: My blog has achieved slightly more than 10000 web page views since i started positively blogging 1.5 a few months back in June. Thank you to all my readers for your support and comments. It’s been a great journey far thus. Do let me know if there’s anything I could improve on my blog.

Vulnerability Testing: An automatic program is developed and performed to check on for various vulnerabilities. Security Scanning: This variant revolves around looking into network and system vulnerabilities, provide solutions to reduce the associated risk. Security Auditing: It involves auditing of the application form and the associated networks for just about any security lapses. Risk Assessment: This variant does an analysis to assess the level of risk, in an event when a vulnerability or loophole is exploited for harmful intent.

  • Interest paid quarterly
  • Minimizing the impact of the Proposals when it is evident they’ll apply
  • Peter Schiff
  • Find the number of days that such investment was made

Such risk could be categorized in to low, medium and high. Predicated on the amount of risk, proper procedures are advised by the tests team to lessen or avert the chance. Ethical Hacking: This is performed by a business on its systems to recognize loopholes that could be exploited in its program or network.

The intent of the kind of hacking is never to steal or cause damage to the application or network. Posture Assessment: This is an umbrella assessment comprises of security scanning, risk assessments, and ethical hacking. SQL Injection: SQL Injection could be utilized to gain access to the server data source. Through the above main levels Aside, there might be different stages involved such as Integration Testing, Usability testing, User acceptance testing, and Performance Testing. You may already know that in a bank application, there could be a number of different modules like transfers, bill payments, debris, etc. And thus, there are a lot of components developed. In integration testing, all the components and built-in and validated jointly.

A banking program serves a multitude of customers. Some of these customers might lack the recognition and skills necessary to perform the bank duties on the app. Thus, the banking application should be tested for simple and efficient design to make it usable across different groups of customers. The simpler & user friendly interface is, the higher amount of customers will be benefited from the banking program.

It’s about evaluating the amount of ease, business users or bank or investment company customers have in using the application. This testing is not performed by developer or tester but is conducted by the business enterprise users. Example: Nowadays everyone uses mobile apps. The banking app should be user-friendly and easy to understand and use by end-user. Comparative Usability Testing: That is comparison-based testing, where ease of usability of 1 application or website with another.

The focus on for such testing is to supply the best user experience. Explorative Usability Testing: The purpose of this screening is to identify what features if the new program or software should possess in order to meet the bank’s customer requirements. 1. The end-users of the application are usually involved with the assessment, hence first-hand opinions is obtained. 2. Rather than spending time on dialogue and analysis about a feature that product must have or not, it is best to get the inputs from end-user directly.

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